Krewe of Kids

Krewe of Kids

The Krewe of Kids is celebrating 30 years of Mardi Gras merriment. 

This is the only co-ed social group for kids on the Island and is open to fifth graders and younger. Pre-schoolers must have an adult partner. The Kids have a few traditions that stick like glue - creating their custom a hand print banner by putting their entire hand in wet paint; eating doughnuts and cokes at a big time fun breakfast party where they draw names to choose a King and Queen; creation of a secret handshake and cheer; and finally, they march in the Kids and Kritters Parade. 

Organizational and sign up meeting: 2 p.m. Beach Church, January 14
Royal Doughnut Breakfast 8 a.m. Beach Church, January 28 
Parade 2 pm. Casino Beach parking lot, February 11


Dues: $10 cash, check or Visa/Mastercard

Contact: Captain of Kids Lisa Clay,