Krewe of Nauga

Krewe of Nauga

The Krewe of Nauga revolves around the legend of the mystical little Naugas who live on Pensacola Beach, feasting on hair spray. The legend remains deeply entrenched among the members of this krewe. They believe! The krewe, which has no meetings, no parade and boasts a membership of 500 for one day – during the Krewe of Naugas Champagne Breakfast and Native Noontime Ball – is the easiest of all to join.
Once you pay ticket price and cross the threshold into the wildest breakfast party in the world, you are a Nauga. You will be issued a set of Nauga ears to perch upon your head.  Don’t show up in dazzling formalwear or business attire. Pajamas are the required dress. Ruling over the champagne fueled event is a Nauga Queen.

Champagne Breakfast and Native Noontime Ball

SAT JAN 27 2024 at 11 AM at The Dock
"Nauga-Stock" is the theme. 

 price of ticket to Champagne Breakfast and Native Noontime Ball
Contact: Queen Nauga I, Danah Gibson: 850-384-6596
Charity:  Humane Society or Pensacola Hotel for Cats and Dogs