Mardi Gras on the Island ...
The white sands of Pensacola Beach are a back drop for the purple, green and gold of Mardi Gras- a colorful cast of characters stages parades and parties islandwide. Merriment abounds. The magic of Mardi Gras has cast a spell over the island and its carefree inhabitants. Whether you are here for an hour or a lifetime, you will find everything you need to know about Pensacola Beach's Mardi Gras events,  parties and parades - right here.  Celebrate with us daily.
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Here's what you need to know for Sunday, Wrecks Parade Day:

This year officials expect the parking lots to be full and the streets to be lined with ready revellers. Here are a few Mardi Gras reminders to help the good times roll:
• There is no charge to attend, but it’s wise to come early and stay late.
• It’s ok to bring chairs, coolers.
• Parking lots begin to fill up about 10 a.m. Parking is free.
• There are public restrooms located at the Casino Beach and Pensacola Beach Boardwalk.
• Treat the beach residential area with the same respect as you would your neighborhood.
• Use caution when parking on side streets. Do not block driveways and stay away from soft sand.
• There are port-o-lets along the parade route to accommodate spectators, krewe members.
• Island businesses open early for breakfast.
• The parade floats line up beginning at 10 a.m. on Via de Luna. Stroll along the sidewalk and get a glimpse of the floats and riders.
• Drivers should anticipate road closures. Prior to parade time, roads on Pensacola Beach will be closed to vehicular traffic, and will remain closed until the parade has disbanded at the Casino Beach parking lot. The closures begin and end at the discretion of the Sheriff’s Department. 
• The parade rolls, rain or shine, at 2 p.m.
• Spectators, if you want to catch beads, find a spot behind the barricades. Riders are cautioned by authorities to keep beads in hand until the parade reaches the barricaded route. The barricades begin at Avenida 10 and Via de Luna and line the entire parade route up to the Casino Beach parking lot.
• Do not throw beads or anything else at the float riders.
• Stay behind the barricades, do not climb over barricades.
• There is an open container law which is enforced in public parking lots, sidewalks in the core area of Pensacola Beach...with the exception of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday, February 26. No alcohol is allowed in public parking lots before or after. Underage drinking will not be tolerated.
• Let the good times roll, but do not drink and drive.
• Be considerate of those around you. Use common sense.
• Call 9-1-1 in case of emergency.

Krewe of Wrecks Parade Sunday, Feb 26, 2017, 2 p.m. Via de Luna ...Avenida 10 to Casino Beach Parking Lot. Catch some beads! Click here for the parade route.

Featured Event

 Mardi Gras 2017:
Krewe of Nereids King Kake Party, Sat, Jan. 7, 3 p.m. Paradise
Krewe of Bananimals Pub Crawl, Sat, Jan 14 Noon, Break Beach Bar
Krewe of Shaker Wigwacker Party, Jan 14, 7 p.m. Sandshaker
Krewe of Nereids Moon Pie Party, Jan 20, 7 p.m. Sandshaker
Krewe of Kids Sign Up, Sat, Jan 21 at 2 p.m. Beach Church, 5th grade and younger
Krewe of Bananimals Grand Ball, Jan 21, 7 p.m. CastawaysKrewe of Nauga Champagne Breakfast and Native Noontime Ball, Sat, Jan 28, (10 a.m. early admission tickets only) 11 a.m. General Admission Tickets. The Dock
Krewe of Brewe Beach Babe Contest, Sat, Jan 28 at 3 p.m., Sandshaker
Krewe of Bananimals Chili Cook Off, Sun, Jan 29, 11: 30 Break

Krewe of Brewe Black Tie Ball, Feb 4, 8 p.m. The Dock

Krewe of St. Patrick Shamrock-N-Roll Ball, Sat, Jan 11. Castaways, 7 p.m.

Kids and Kritters Parade, Sat Feb 18, Casino Beach Parking lot, 2 pm
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Krewe of Wrecks Grand Costume Ball, Sat, Feb 18, Castaways
Krewe of Bamboo Ragin Cajun Ball, 2 p.m. Bamboo Willies
Krewe of Wrecks Champagne Breakfast, Sat Feb 25, Crab's
Street Dance, Sat Feb 25, Sandbar, noon

Krewe of Wrecks Parade Sunday, Feb 26, 2 pm

Krewe of Wrecks Red Beans and Rice, Monday, Feb 27, Sandshaker, 11 am

Krewe of Coma Coronation Tuesday, Feb 28, Sandshaker, 6 pm

Shoe Box Float Contest Tuesday, Feb 28, Paradise, 8 pm