Mardi Gras on the Island ...
The white sands of Pensacola Beach are a back drop for the purple, green and gold of Mardi Gras- a colorful cast of characters stages parades and parties islandwide. Merriment abounds. The magic of Mardi Gras has cast a spell over the island and its carefree inhabitants. Whether you are here for an hour or a lifetime, you will find everything you need to know about Pensacola Beach's Mardi Gras events,  parties and parades - right here.  Celebrate with us daily.
Mardi Gras Maven

Mardi Gras krewes have shifted into pre-Carnival season. That includes parties, socials, membership drives and charitable work. Lots of generosity when it comes to this party-crowd. 

The Wooly Booger Social Club has announced it's season ending "Kiss The Hurricane Season Goodbye Bawl" is Sunday, December 1 at 2 p.m. at Paradise. For more about the Wooly Boogers, The Bawl, The History and why you should attend, click here.

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Sincere condolences to the friends and family of Jeff Goudey, who passed away November 14. He was the Krewe of Wrecks Head Wreck. His services are set for December 14 at 1 p.m. at the Pensacola Beach Elk's Lodge. 

2020 Pensacola Beach PARADES!

Krewe of Wrecks' Kids and Kritters Parade, Saturday, Feb 15, 2020. Casino Beach Parking lot. THEME: JOKERS & JESTERS
Krewe of Wrecks Parade Sunday, Feb 23, 2020, 2 p.m. Via de Luna ...Avenida 10 to Casino Beach Parking Lot. Catch some beads!

Featured Event

Krewe of Wrecks
Social 5:30 p.m.
Meeting at 6 p.m.  

$40 to join. Bring a friend.


11/25 Paradise

12/2 Hemingway's

12/9 The Islander Lounge

12/16 Flounder's Chowder House