Mardi Gras on the Island ...
The white sands of Pensacola Beach are a back drop for the purple, green and gold of Mardi Gras- a colorful cast of characters stages parades and parties islandwide. Merriment abounds. The magic of Mardi Gras has cast a spell over the island and its carefree inhabitants. Whether you are here for an hour or a lifetime, you will find everything you need to know about Pensacola Beach's Mardi Gras events,  parties and parades - right here.  Celebrate with us daily.
Mardi Gras Maven

Oh sweet summer...the tiaras tarnish while sun visors top the chapeau list
Ball gowns are packed away and swim suits are paraded out at island locations
Enjoy. Dance. Be light-hearted.

Bon Temps!

Krewe of Wrecks Meeting Schedule 2015-2016.
To join the Krewe, attend a meeting, bring $35 cash or a check. Applications are available at the meetings which start at 6 p.m.
October 26    The Sandbar. Kick off meeting and Halloween Costume Contest
Nov 2  Sandshaker Lounge
Nov 9  Crab's
Nov 11 Islander Lounge
Nov 23 PegLeg Pete's
Dec 7  Paddy O'Leary's
Dec 14 Cactus Flower

Jan 4 Flounder's
Jan 11 Shaggy's
Jan 18 Sideline's
Jan 25 Elk's Lodge

Featured Event

Mark your calendar for Mardi Gras 2016:

Krewe of Nereids King Kake Party, Paradise, Sat Jan 9
Krewe of Nereids Moon Pie Party, Sandshaker, Fri Jan 15

Krewe of Nauga Champagne Breakfast and Native Noontime Ball (tent) Sat Jan 23

Kids and Kritters Parade Sat Jan 30

Krewe of Wrecks Grand Costume Ball, Sat Jan 30, Elk's Lodge

Queen's Dinner, Monday, Feb 1, Flounder's

King's Supper, Monday, Feb 1, Elk's Lodge

Krewe of Wrecks Champagne Breakfast, Sat Feb 6, Crab's

Krewe of Wrecks Parade Sunday, Feb 7

Krewe of Wrecks Red Beans and Rice, Monday, Feb 8

Krewe of Coma Coronation Tuesday, Feb 9

Shoe Box Float Contest Tuesday, Feb 9