Mardi Gras on the Island ...
The white sands of Pensacola Beach are a back drop for the purple, green and gold of Mardi Gras- a colorful cast of characters stages parades and parties islandwide. Merriment abounds. The magic of Mardi Gras has cast a spell over the island and its carefree inhabitants. Whether you are here for an hour or a lifetime, you will find everything you need to know about Pensacola Beach's Mardi Gras events,  parties and parades - right here.  Celebrate with us daily.
Mardi Gras Maven

Mon Dieu!

The Wrecks have released the meeting schedule. Will I see you at Crab's on November 10 or the Islander on November 17? It is the oldest bar on Pensacola Beach, you know.
Top of the Evenin' to Ya...the Wrecks will be at Paddy O'Leary's on Nov. 24.  All meetings begin at 6 p.m. and you'll need to bring $35 dues.

Want to Join the Krewe of Wrecks . Click Here for Membership application.

The Wrecks meet every Monday until Mardi Gras. For the schedule details, Click Here.

Featured Event

Veteran's Day Parade: Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 2 p.m. No entry fee, line up at Avenida 10 from noon til 2 p.m. Ends at Gulfside Pavilion.

2015 Mardi Gras

February 7 Kids and Kritters Parade, 2 pm Across from Sidelines

February 7 Krewe of Wrecks Grand Costume Ball, Elk’s

February 9 Queen's Dinner, Flounder's

February 9 King's Supper, Elk's

February 14 Champagne Breakfast, Crab's

February 15 Krewe of Wrecks Parade, 2 p.m. Via de Luna

February 16 Red Beans and Rice, 11 a.m. Shaker parking lot

February 17 Krewe of Coma, Sandshaker

February 17 Shoe Box Float Contest